ACT: Music Above Fighting

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ACT: Music Above Fighting

MasterPeace’s ACT! created a musical bridge spanning all the way from the mountains of Georgia's capital all the way down the valley’s of the anti-atlas heights where tunes from the two countries to join the growing grassroots anthem, like a WildFire!

The area where MasterPeace Morocco team focuses on is Zagora as part of the Drâa-Tafilalet region, which is regarded to be the poorest region in Morocco according to ( High Commission of planning) with 10% poverty rate. The main economic activity of the region is agriculture. Many youth refuse to stick to the traditional jobs as farmers or helping their families, however there is not much diversity of other alternative job opportunities within the region.

The twinning in Morocco was one of the most challenging and rewarding, as both VanVelzenand Imorig perform in a different style of music, even in the ways of carrying out musictechniques and notes, as an interesting observation by the band members such as westernmusic grouping by 4, which the music from the region didn't follow but rather their own sense ofmusic beat and harmonization of tunes, which was interesting exchange between the two bandswho had to make a set-list for a show at Zagora's cultural center.For a cheering crowd of 300+ enthusiastic audience VanVelzen and Imorig revealed for the firsttime the verse of WildFire that featured both bands in Berber language and using the musicalflavors of the region. The concert started with some of My Music MasterPeace winning talentswho blown away the audience of their own original songs and energy as a start-up acts.VanVelzen won the audience hearts as the played Checb Khaled famous song C'est la vie,which is a smashing success across the region of North Africa and different parts of the world,and as an amazing twinning moment, Jimmy the talented drummer from VanVelzen joinedspontaneously on stage a very local Berber band as their backdrop drummer which was astatement that music speaks louder than words!

By: Raghda Mohamed Bassam

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