Digitalization for an Africonnected

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Digitalization for an Africonnected

Every day, we are striving to create perfect places and; we understand that there are numerous challenges that may rise from achieving this goal from meeting customer and staff expectations, ensuring security and safety of people and achieving demanding sustainability targets. Albeit, our world is evolving and advancements in technologies bring new opportunities to overcome these challenges and gain efficiencies. The world is changing and how we adapt to that change can be crucial for the success of our business, a new industrial revolution is taking place but where is it taking us? One thing is certain, any technological change must be facilitated by human beings, and digitalization is no exception. People will be one of the key enablers for their communities. This is an exciting transition where less time will be spent on repetitive tasks and more time contributing to innovation. So, where do you start this journey ? By making AYLS2020 your first step into digitalization, you put your people at the center and make your community fit to adapt to the change. The two days African Youth Leadership Summit framed by a main theme “ Digitalization for an Africonnected” is taking place on 19th and 20th September, 2020 in Agadir. More than 45 clubs, in more than 40 countries, connected around the globe give us a solid foundation to constantly develop new and innovative solutions. Digitalization starts with your people. For further query: By: Salama Kabbaji

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