A journey

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A journey

We all tend to look for some sort of escape to flee forms of stress in our lives, whether it's through verbalizing our feelings by dint of art or a hobby, on one hand. On the other hand, we, as human beings, long to throng in a community, we aspire to seal and caulk the need of belonging. I did not join MasterPeace Morocco for the opportunities, nor for its agenda. Perhaps, the undeniable room of manoeuvre fostered my skills in a way or another. But that was not enough to encourage me to step in. I did not join for the mere result embedded in filling up my resume and make it look as a successful program under the slot of extra curricular activities. I did not join to unlock titles and it all stops there. The present issues within enterprises, within communities, within society go hand in hand and are pretty similar. MasterPeace Morocco was no exception. Not to velify the great value that it brings to an individual, nor the eminence of the ethics behind it. I joined to belong, I joined to unravel my true self. For the past 6 months, I have learnt a lot about myself more than I've learnt other things. I have learnt levels of my patience, compassion, empathy, commitment, motivation, inspiration.. My path was not steady. I have met people, different people. People with high positions, but weak mindset, people with great titles yet humble and down to earth, people who are ready to help but don't expect something back, people who would celebrate your success but won't be there when needed. It sounds normal, because we all have met colors and shapes. Yet, doing so in a "professional" environment has a completely different taste. As odd as it sounds, different settings and different circumstances will always open up a new angle of visibility, poles apart and atypical field of vision. A pleasant experience was never a fruit of indolence and negligence. And as meticulous as I have ever been, laxity is a forbidden planet. This is my share, my experience, albeit personal, but worth sharing. Team, I am greatful for this beautiful journey, appreciative of every take you brought to my life. Special thanks to B.A.B. for introducing me to the community, E.E. for the endless advices and ambition, A.E for the wise decisions, M.A.H. for the availability and kindness, Y.E. for the goodwill and warm welcome, W.M.A. for the memorable projects.

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