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African Youth Leadership Summit?

The Three-days African Youth Leadership Summit focuses on the core challenges encountered by youth leaders. Through a competitive screening process, AYLS brings a diverse group of young delegates from the whole continent together with distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors for a journey of collective exploration, reflection, and networking. AYLS aims to Create a common space for inter-generational dialogue and knowledge sharing by exposing local, national, and Global Challenges through effective Leadership training, which enable our participants to make informed decisions about their career, and to foster connections Among courageous and compassionate youth and competent leaders. ALYS is the principal component of building Knowledge and to help create determined leaders.

Why should YOU join AYLS?

The delegates will learn how to develop their leadership and team management skills through workshops and small group sessions. AYLS is dedicated to long-term encouragement to develop sustainable projects and make economic activities by rolling regional and national issues. The summit is a great opportunity for young leaders to network and to develop more professional and personal relations with more than 180 delegates. Marrakesh, the international city, will host, gather and share the spirit of Leadership combined with the most exotic atmosphere of all time.








They say it's the unexpected that changes our lives ! AYLS was a wonderful experience; discovering Morocco and its nice people, meeting all the wonderful delegates and discovering new cultures, talking to the inspiring speakers and having a great time ... Through each and everyone of you , I learned so many things and I am so grateful for this amazing experience I can see our dreams for Africa transform to a vision ! No matter how difficult things get in the future, I will always look back to this experience and I am sure it will give me the strenght and the determination required not to quit, and to keep on fighting to achieve my goals You will be missed my dear friends , I hope we keep in touch , we see each other asap and I wish AYLS will only be the first step towards a great adventure together Take care and keep up the great work."
Salma Tordjman , Tunisia


"Growth in population and economy in Africa is growing fast, which state that by 2030, there'll be an inflation of youth just like natural resources..... So there's a strong need to empower our youth today, so to become great leaders and strong entrepreneurs.... A unified Africa is strongly adviced, to be able to combat internal and external factors weighing us down such as corruption, terrorism, bad system of education, illiteracy, division.... The mentality of our youth must change, we must be able to accept and empower ourselves, by engaging in positive works, positive thinking, positive words about Africa, accept to invest in Africa, be ready to build and to build right ..... Our government must be ready to implement policies to enhance the growth and social empowerment of our youth.... #Build a man build a nation #I can do it and I can do it right #The future of Africa is in your hands"
Raphael Christopher, Ghana


"Hello, I would like to thank you for this initiative it was a life time experience and the opportunity to meet all of the delegates is extraordinary .. Thanks for the organizers and MasterPeace Morocco team. Hope all the best for each of you <3 "
Lana Abdallah, Sudan


"It was a great pleasure for me to be attended African Youth Leadership Summit #AYLS in Marrakech-Morocco on 21th to 25th Sep 2017, under the theme “Sustainable Development Goals will only succeed, if they succeed in Africa”. I would like to convey my deepest grateful statement to the event organizers for their tireless work and dedication for been brought together a diverse group of talented young delegates over 40 countries from the continent together with distinguished panelist experts, innovators, and leaders for a journey of collective exploration, reflection, and networking..."
Abdisamad Omar, Somalia

Event Location

Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management et de Gestion, B.P. 2426, Lot les Riads de l’Atlas, Mbarka III - Agdal - Avenue Mohammed VI